Know Us

Who are we?

AKRITI PRINTERS is a dynamic enterprise to earn trustworthiness of its high profile clientele. The company has emerged out of a continuous educative process, enriched in experience and exposure to the latest trends in Printing, Packaging and Presentations. We are an established brand when it comes to profound printing knowledge and technical expertise dedicated to produce quality printing and packaging material and export accessories. We owe our present status to our ethical principles that make us a well defined house of printing and packaging.

Every other day, there is an addition to our present product spectrum of Inserts, Tags, Wraparound Bands, Labels, Stickers, Thermal Printed Bar Code Stickers and Fabric Labels, Heat Seal and Zipper Vinyl Bags, Hangers, Acetate and Hard Board Boxes, Cartons, PDQ Boxes and Garment Accessories, etc.

Ravi Kumar Dogra is a hands-on Managing Partner of Akriti Printers with an expertise in Operations, Finance and Strategic Planning. Ravi holds a Master's Degree in Finance and Financial Management Services from the elite college of SRCC, Delhi University. Through his strategic foresight and determination, he has diversified his services to a full range of OEM Manual printing and packaging services. He is a savvy business administrator with acumen for latest trends and technologies in the industry and is always guided by his strong ethics. Ravi’s innate ability to build high-performance teams and efficient delivery has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into the workplace. Far away from the edges of printing and strengthening client relationship, Ravi can be found absorbed in drama and theatres. Being a natural go-getter and an ambitious human being, he has inspired many with his vision.

Area of Expertise
  • Business operations
  • Finance & strategic planning
  • Client Relationship
  • Partnerships & Alliances
  • Business Development
  • Revenue Growth
  • Market Expansion

In 1995, Mr. Ravi Kumar Dogra entered into partnership with Mr.Ashwin Kumar Dogra (Brother) and since then the dynamic duo has been scaling new heights in printing & packaging industry.

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Dogra is a Civil Engineer from one of the elite institute (BITS, Pilani). With an impressive work portfolio and international exposure, Mr. Ashwin has helped the organisation achieve many milestones. His objective way of problem solving and identifying potential business development of international calibre gives Akriti Printers the much needed flair amongst it's contemporaries.